How Do You Find a Place to Store Your Bags while traveling?

Are you planning a trip for the long weekend? If you don’t have a place to crash, here’s how to avoid carrying your stuff with you.

Put this in the category of not-so-fun ways to conclude a long weekend: All day, you’ve been lugging your suitcase up and down in the mountainous landscape.

How bad could it be to just carry the bag around with you?

It was particularly bad when it began to rain and I sought shelter in a crowded cafe. The wheels kept clipping people’s shins or nipping their ankles, and my bag was always in the way, no matter where I tried to position it. I felt like a fumbling, befuddled tourist.

I could have been a lot more free if I had planned ahead of time. If you have a layover or a free day and don’t have access to a hotel or a friend’s apartment, these luggage storage options may be useful.

Airports and train stations

If you’re going to be near an airport or railway station, it’s a good idea to look into storage alternatives within the station. Suitcases can be left at South Station in Boston, for example. Passengers on Amtrak can leave luggage in a safe facility, while anyone—passenger or not—can leave suitcases for a modest price in Greyhound’s Package Express area. Many airports do not provide storage for security concerns, however some large international airports, such as London Heathrow, do. Obviously, you can’t check anything hazardous, contaminated, or explosive, according to several of these. However, any plants or perishables should be left out as well.

Independent storage facilities

For new businesses, the independent Storage services are springing up to help tourists with their bulky belongings. Consider the case of luggage storage Amsterdam. Their network of local businesses can store your luggage for you at a reasonable price wherever you are in Amsterdam. The city’s main transportation hub is Amsterdam Centraal, and the adjoining area, Dam Square, is the town’s heart, with all roads leading back to it. Also, check out their “Off the Beaten Path” guide for Amsterdam if you’re seeking information on the city’s lesser-known areas!

Solutions that are sent ahead of time

If you discover that storage choices are limited, you can arrange for your luggage to be shipped before you depart. LugLess will send you luggage tags to attach on your luggage, and then arrange for a pickup from your office or another location. You then arrange for delivery on the other end to take place within 1 to 5 business days.

Storage that is hidden

Do you have the courage to take a risk? You might ask a hotel concierge or restaurant coat check employee to store your belongings while you smile and tip generously. It could be a long shot, and you don’t want to put them in an embarrassing situation, so just move on if the response is no.

Remember to carry any valuables and your ID with you wherever you leave your baggage. Even though it’s a long weekend, you won’t be left stranded—work resumes on Monday.